Some few companies and industries still use fax machine for communications. For those (most) of us who have moved on, it can be a real inconvenience. How are you expected to send a fax when you don’t have a fax machine or even a landline in your home/office?

Many libraries, pharmacies & shipping services stores will fax something for you for a small fee. But that’s extra-unappealing, if you’re looking to stay in out of the pandemic. Fortunately, you do have home-bound options, and they do not require a fax machine or phone service.

There are many websites that let you fax from your computer over your internet connection, and most of them offer free outbound faxes for the first 5-20 pages. All you have to do is scan your papers into PDFs or JPGs, and upload them to their faxing site. Check out any of these companies:






If you’re looking to fax in this way from your smartphone, please be warned: many faxing apps are sketchy and demand payment soon after you install. But FAX.PLUS seems to truly offer the first 10 pages for free:

FAX.PLUS for Android