is the best place to review your credit reports. Federal law makes it so you can get your reports from the 3 big credit monitoring agencies, once a year, from this site, for free.

But due to the pandemic, you can get your credit reports as often once a week, through April 2021. If you’re of a mind to review your credit more often, go to it!

And if you’re not comfortable requesting this kind of info over the internet, there are other options. You can mail in a form to obtain your free reports, or you can call 1-877-322-8228.


  1. glenna casto

    Im concerned about putting my ss no “out there” Should I be ????

    • Jesse Mueller

      Yes, that should always be a concern! But I can vouch for this website, it is legitimate and will not abuse your identity or private personal information.

      But you don’t have to take my word for it, here’s the federal government’s statement about the website:

      And if you still don’t care to type your SSN on the web, you can always pursue your credit reports by calling or mailing (also shown on that link). Whatever you’re comfortable with!

      • glenna casto

        Thanks so much !!!

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