Feeling down or stressed? There’s an app for that:


At first glance, this appears to be a quirky AI that is willing to have a conversation with you every day, to pick up your mood and maybe coax a smile out of you.

But under the hood, this tool is leveraging Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to teach you how to change and manage your thoughts and moods. It’s a rather amazing and valuable mental health resource to offer up to the masses, absolutely for free.

Now, I should say that if you need therapy or counseling, Woebot is not a replacement for devoted professional help. But if you want to supplement the counseling that you are already receiving, or if you are unable to seek appropriate psychological care, Woebot is worth checking out.

And if you are mostly in your right mind, but want to learn more about stress relief or mood management, Woebot has a thing or two to teach you. You’ll be quite surprised at how affable this AI can be.