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The most popular and well-received software that I put on Windows computers is Open Shell. Formerly known as Classic Shell, Open Shell replaces the Windows 10 Start Menu with something that looks like Windows 7. The garish boxes (for apps and games that you never asked for) are hidden away, and easy links to Documents and Control Panel are restored.

It also works just fine on Windows 8, if you’re still using that OS.

Open Shell is a free download. But it can be a little hard to find. It comes from this website here:

But if that website feels awkward to navigate, try downloading it instead from Major Geeks, at this link:


  1. Shirley L Birkhimer

    Do I have this on my computer?

    • Jesse Mueller

      I don’t remember! If you click your Start button, the Open Shell Start menu often shows two columns of items, the second of which shows your Name, Documents, Pictures and Control Panel. If you do not have Open Shell, then your Start menu will have one column and show many colorful boxes to the right.

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